Mergers and Acquisitions

Listing of Target Companies

Corporate Evaluating

Negotiating for Consensus

Due Diligence
Closing Final Agreement

Capital and Strategic Alliance

Listing of Target Companies

Growth Analysis

Negotiating for Agreement

Optimizing Post MA

Integrating Organization

Repositioning of Business

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For international mergers and acquisitions wefll help you maximize your
corporate value from scratch in any of countries. First, wefll make a long list
of target companies, examine thoroughly whether a target company
matches your demand truly, and sound out them on their intentions.
Second, wefll evaluate corporate value of a target company based on all
possible assumptions. Third, wefll negotiate with a target company toward
basic consensus. Fourth, wefll make international CPAs conduct in-depth
due diligence of a target company. Last, wefll close a final agreement
between your company and a target company. 

For alliance and tie-up with foreign companies, wefll maximize your
corporate value by facilitating the process; wefll assess the growth
potentiality and examine the credibility of a target company as well as
explore candidate companies and negotiate with them for agreement.

For post mergers and acquisitions wefll draw up an exit plan to integrate
and optimize corporate value by repositioning their marketing strategies.